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“It all comes down to what they have and what they’re capable of doing,” Atlanta Hawks coach Lloyd Pierce said. “We can do a lot of bodyweight stuff. That’s how they stay ready. The Thistles weren able to bounce back the next day, Saturday, Jan. 25, with the Northstars beating them 8 3. Armit and defence Peter Zilkalns scored for the Thistles with Zilkalns netting the last two.

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wholesale jerseys “Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our time,” a phrase first used by jailed Hong Kong separatist Edward Leung, became a popular protest slogan.”Necessary measures must be taken in accordance with the law to prevent, stop and punish foreign and overseas forces using Hong Kong to conduct separatist, subversion, infiltration and damaging behavior,” according to a document released by a Chinese government spokesman on Friday.Beijing’s concern has taken on a new urgency with the deterioration of relations with Washington. The sight of Hong Kong protesters waving the Stars and Stripes at protests has provoked anger and dismay among many mainland Chinese.Why is it a big deal?Critics argue that the introduction of the legislation spells the death of Hong Kong’s unique political model.”Today I think is the saddest day in Hong Kong history,” pro democracy lawmaker Tanya Chan said at a Thursday night press conference. “It confirms one country, one system.”Pro democracy lawmaker Claudia Mo tells TIME the legislation, enacted outside of Hong Kong’s own legislative process, is the “last nail in [the] coffin” for Hong Kong’s autonomy.Experts say that the legislation will surely encroach on the freewheeling city’s freedoms, which have already been backsliding wholesale jerseys.

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