The only way I could be prouder is if we were coming

On Saturday in Fort Myers, Guerrero was denied a monster home run because of the mini Green Monster at JetBlue Park. Monday in Dunedin, he was denied extra bases thanks to a sensational running catch by Rays centre fielder Kevin Kiermaier. The larger point? Guerrero is starting to hit the ball hard..

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wholesale nfl jerseys Marc Gasol is the Memphis Athlete of the Decade. Acquired in a 2008 trade that sent his older brother, Pau, to the Los Angeles Lakers, Gasol transformed himself from a pudgy “little brother” stretching a uniform during his high school days at Lausanne to the 2013 NBA Defensive Player of the Year. (When Gasol jumped for the opening tip at the 2015 All Star Game he’s the only Grizzly to start in the event he did so against Pau.) More than any of his “Fab Four” mates, Gasol embodied the city he represented for almost 11 full seasons, a player who found greatness more with effort and resolve than natural born gifts wholesale nfl jerseys.

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