That, by itself, meant that racial attitudes would

“I thought it was going to be around six [players suspended] so I guess it’s less than I expected,” Cross said in a telephone interview. “It seems so indiscriminate. A culture isn’t four people or six people, if you count two [defensive] coaches. Rivera is close to filling several other spots on his staff after making his first move the hiring of former Jacksonville Jaguars and Oakland Raiders coach Jack Del Rio as his defensive coordinator. A person familiar with the situation confirmed an ESPN report that Panthers linebackers coach Steve Russ is joining Rivera’s staff. The Athletic reported Rivera is adding Carolina’s wide receivers coach Jim Hostler and offensive line coach John Matsko.

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In the first and second posts of this series, I showed that racial attitudes became strongly connected to whether whites identified as Democratic or Republican during Barack Obama’s presidency. That, by itself, meant that racial attitudes would matter a great deal in 2016 even above the powerful impact of partisanship itself. There is now a stronger partisan divide than ever between racially sympathetic and racially resentful whites..

Bibi was born in Mauritius and moved to Canada when she was very young. She completed her Honours Bachelor of Science and Certificate in Project Management at the University of Toronto. She then pursued her Master of Public Health at Brock University.

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