6 million initiative to support “better careers” for

Ms Smith said such arguments did not stand up against the reality members faced in extra shifts and huge amounts of overtime, and that despite lower crime rates the growing population meant police were dealing with ever more complex cases. The complexity of cases and the rising numbers of domestic violence cases were also cited by then Director of Public Prosecutions Jon White repeatedly in recent years; arguments which ultimately led to a funding boost for prosecutors last year. But in last year budget, funds for a $4.6 million initiative to support “better careers” for ACT police officers, originally meant to begin in 2017 18, were instead delayed until at least 2020 21.

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canada goose The Australian Crime Commission this month announced a crackdown on organised crime groups who used virtual currencies to access illicit drugs, as well as child exploitation material, illegal firearms and stolen credit card and identity data. The commission strategy executive director Judy Lind said: “Virtual currencies can be used anonymously and provide a layer of anonymity in addition to that provided by the darknet.” Detective sergeant Scott said illegal importers would typically have their purchases shipped to a post office box, vacant address or another person home. “They adapt it depending on how law enforcement is responding canada goose.

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