Ravens coach John Harbaugh needed some help at

Yanda has one year remaining on his contract, and he was among the most vocal supporters of the Ravens’ run first approach under Jackson. But this past season was his 12th, and he resented that “my integrity and my character” were questioned after video emerged of a wad of spit falling from Yanda’s mouth as he stood over Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict in mid November. He told The Baltimore Sun before that game that he would consider his future in football after the season..

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At least one member of the Harbaugh family likes Buckeyes. Ravens coach John Harbaugh needed some help at linebacker after run stopping was one of the team’s few weaknesses in 2019. Enter Harrison, who led Ohio State in tackles each of the past two seasons and plays downhill with a hard nosed approach against the run..

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