The objective is simplicity, but it is not easy

In all, 70 “skaters” (forwards and defensemen) played past 40 years old, including the father son duo of Bobby and Brett (unlike the Howes, in different era) and NHL Seattle general manager Ron Francis, who finished his illustrious Hall of Fame career at 41 years old. The objective is simplicity, but it is not easy. Early WAR data modeling for hockey focused on analyzing points, goals, shot attempts, special teams and other accessible statistical data and typically show a rising WAR value early in a player’s career, peaking at a certain age, then moving to a gradual decline..

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Workers in the private economy, just like those in public jobs, want to experience State services at their best for their families. Except the interface between State services and us is not scientifically measured. We have no way of knowing how GDP is translating on the ground in the things that make national life different, like social housing, health, education, public transport, childcare, elder care, State pensions.

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