It was the first road trip of the season when you

But there is no mention of it on TSN or Sportsnet, at least there wasn three days after Simmons story ran on the Toronto Sun website. There was no panel discussion. No hot takes from the insiders on what this could mean. If you let it go, it will spread.”Asked for comment, a spokeswoman for the Fort Lauderdale police said the department would have to review the footage.After publication online, Fort Lauderdale Police Chief Rick Maglione said in a statement to the Herald: “Your story shows less than 3 minutes of an 8 minute and 43 second long video. The entire video clearly demonstrates our officers were under attack by a group of people who chose to use violence instead of peace to antagonize the situation. The footage bolsters protesters’ accounts that police aggression sparked the first documented confrontation between police and protesters.LaToya Ratlieff was being led away from tear gas by another marcher at an anti police brutality protest in Fort Lauderdale May 31.

Nova Scotia Power is being fined $250, 000 for not meeting customer service standards, which includes not meeting the standards for the frequent and lengthy power outages. Bill Mahody, a consumer advocate representing Nova Scotia Power residential customers, joins us first this morning to give us the details. CARP is holding a virtual meeting for Atlantic residents to discuss concerns over the COVID 19 response for the senior population.

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