‘ We feel that way a little bit more right now

Meanwhile, Kenosha, Wis., was under a tense dusk to dawn curfew following angry protests that were sparked by the shocking police shooting Sunday of yet another Black man, Jacob Blake. Pence apparently hadn’t noticed the reason for the Kenosha protests. And he apparently really didn’t notice the killing Tuesday of two protesters, allegedly by a young White vigilante and Trump supporter..

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cheap nfl jerseys And nobody could stop Limbaugh’s capacious ego from destoying what remains of the NFL owners’ fractious, yet somewhat functioning relationships with each other.And xinunus, could you really be that dense? Do you actually think that the problem with Limbaugh is that he’s a conservative??? There are many conservative owners in the NFL. The problem with Limbaugh is that he’s a bloviated, bigoted, egotistical, lying, devisive POS.The problem is not that a conservative wants to buy a team, it’s the fact that the man (Limbaugh) has made his opinion perfectly clear where as far as where he stands in regards to the players in the league (please revisit his McNabb comments if you do not know/remember). If there was a “flaming liberal” who had the platform and decided to spew a negative opinion in regards to Goodell, other owners, players or referees, believe me they wouldn’t get a vote of confidence either. cheap nfl jerseys

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