Word of mouth, referrals, and recommendations are

Associate. When you meet someone new, try making a simple association to help you remember their name. For example, let’s say you meet someone named Ruth, who has buck teeth. They were released after appearing before Mercer County Civil Court Judge Robert Lougy and ordered to reappear on Aug. 16.The suggestion of a $10,000 daily fine and possible imprisonment was made Monday by the AG’s office to Lougy.Smith, 33, of Delanco Township, and Trumbetti, 51, of Williamstown, were charged with one count of fourth degree contempt, one count of obstruction, and one count of violating the Disaster Control Act.”Atilis Gym’s brazen conduct is abhorrent to an organized judicial system, jeopardizes the public health and the safety of New Jerseyans, and must not be tolerated,” the AG’s office said a letter to the court. “It is clear that additional sanctions and relief are necessary to coerce Atilis Gym’s compliance with the court’s order.”The Camden County Prosecutor’s Office also filed a disorderly persons complaint against the pair Monday for allegedly kicking in barrier in front of the gym, an action that was photographed by multiple media outlets after Smith promised to do so the day before while at the Statehouse in Trenton.”We are prepared to lose every single battle along the way and that won’t stop us,” Trumbetti told NJ Advance Media on Monday.

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