It was once called as a devil’s cloth and was only

“Bryant comments concerning the Heat’s support of Trayvon Martin are indefensible. Bryant’s comments show his lack of compassion for the Martin family and their supporters. Americans of all races didn’t support Trayvon because he was African American.

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In 1959, Garrett got a chance to share her love of languages with a wider audience. Spanish lessons will be telecast over WIMA TV beginning in October under the joint sponsorship of the Lima and Allen County public schools, the News reported in June 1959. Instructors will be Mrs.

But, stripes did not always enjoy high appreciation from everyone. It was once called as a devil’s cloth and was only worn by clowns,jugglers and servants in the past. In fact, any form of stripe was considered so treacherous in the middle ages that once a cobbler in 1310 was berated to death because he was wearing a striped pattern dress.

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