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He preceded her in death on February 21, 1972. June and Woodrow raised their family in Detroit where she was active with the Jehovah Witnesses. In 1972, she moved back to Negaunee and shortly after in 1975 June moved to Kingsford to be closer to her son and continued her work with the Jehovah Witnesses..

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But he and I found a way to talk to each other and trust each other. Williams students quibbled with ts historical accuracy. But Boone said in 2017, “That movie is not about football.” Instead, he said, it was “about some incredible young boys in Alexandria, Virginia, who in 1971 became an integrated team and showed the world how one can overcome their fear of diversity.”.

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Gov. Eric Holcomb and other Republicans had talked of the importance of improving teacher salaries since before the legislative session began in January. But their funding proposals never came close to the 9% increase that education advocacy groups estimated was needed to boost Indiana average teacher pay to the midpoint of neighboring states..

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